Full-Service Lawn Care

Take Landscaping to the Next Level by Full-Service Lawn Care

Do you want to update the curb appeal of your lawn? If yes, you can upgrade your existing property with the help of full-service lawn care in Douglasville. You can consider incorporating endless gardening and landscaping designs in your landscaping project. Turn your yard into a beautiful and lush green extension of your property where you can relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery with these latest designs. Here are the landscaping tips you can get through full-service lawn maintenance and care.

1. Trimming the Shrubs in Angular Form 

If you have got many shrubs on your lawn, you can consider trimming them in different shapes to enhance their appearance. There are endless possibilities to do so. The companies offering professional lawn care services provide other shrub trimming designs to maintain the formation of a well-kept garden. You can try angular shapes for your lawn. Shrubs kept with crisp and straight cutting lend a well-trimming and contemporary look to your garden. 

2. Traditional cones shape trimming for Hedges 

If you like the classic garden look, go for traditional cone shape trimming for hedges and shrubs in your garden. The conventional cone shape is still a choice of many homeowners due to its classic look. Hedges and shrubs in the cone shape help to create a beautiful lush green garden space and elevate its overall surface. 

3. Go for Criss Cross Lawn Mowing Patterns 

The crisscross lawn mowing pattern is a trendy design in 2022 done by professionals who offer full-service lawn care in Douglasville. Give your lawn a unique shape with a crisscross mowing design to keep the grass in a neat condition. The crisscross pattern will make you feel as you are in a baseball park because the baseball park has a crisscross design. 

4. Mowing the Lawn in a Zig-Zag Design

Try a zig-zag pattern if you want something unique for your lawn mowing pattern. Getting your lawn mowed in a creative zig-zag design refines its appearance and, at the same time, provides it with a neat and impressive look. However, you can also contact a commercial lawn care service provider who can guide you better on different mowing designs for your lawn type. 

5. Try Walkway Border Pattern for Hedges 

Protruding hedges and shrubs on the walkway of your lawn can diminish its appearance. Therefore, working on the borders and shrubs around your walkway is better. Go for reshaping every alternative shrub with different curves and lines to create a beautiful and welcoming walkway for your guests. Keep the shrubs’ height varied to make their shape stand out. 

6. Varied Sized Round Shapes for Hedges 

If you have smaller hedged plants, get them trimmed in different-sized round shapes. Whether you want to cut them shorter or longer, pruning them in various rounded forms makes them look neat and adds to their curb appeal. They look perfect if you have a small backyard or a medium-sized garden. 

Revamp Your Lawn with Commercial Lawn Care

Want to enhance your lawn appearance with commercial lawn care? Search no further. Lawn Barberz can help maintain your yard with its professional lawn care services. We provide quality lawn maintenance and pruning services at reasonable rates, so if you are keen to groom your lawn, partner with us and give your property a fresh look. Let us know if we can help you with our services.

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